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Kocham Cie

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Dabei seit 08.2011
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Geschrieben am: 31.01.2016 um 18:33 Uhr

I saw the flames in your eyes, I saw how you ignite
I felt the pain in your kisses, so I guess you missed it
it has been a long year, since I saw you here
it had been a long time, since I called you mine
and I know that you lied , every single time
and I know that you cried, 'cause the memory's still alive
but your jealousy kind, destroyed your will to hide
you came over to me, like in my fantasy

I had to swallow my pride, you thought it was alright
'cause you played a game, that I couldn't win
so I felt in love, believing in your words
I took your hand, dont't knew you just pretend
'cause I saw your smile, ,deep views in my eyes
with your lips in my face, you promised me it's real
that's the price that I pay, for trusting you this way
that's my heart on the floor, you walked on it you ignored

another day, another feeling, in the message that I'm reaching
I thought it was a mood, but it's just your attitude

I don't know what had happened, and you just won't tell it
I'm losing my mind, breaking down and cry
'cause the last thing I know,
you're feeling weren't true, they had never exist
I don't know what love is
it was the last chance, even it will kill myself
even I will never find, someone like you in my life
but the message you sent me, breaking it up it's ending
it's the last chapter of, our story with no hope

and the distance between us, will someday start heal us
' till the day we meet again, it will all start from the stretch
I'll see the flames in your eyes
I will see how you ignite I'll feel the pain in your kisses
tell me do you miss this ?


guylncognito - 39
Profi (offline)

Dabei seit 01.2016
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Geschrieben am: 31.01.2016 um 19:43 Uhr

Finde ich schlecht. Da reimt sich ja kaum was.

Coolest monkey in the jungle.

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