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wie man von einer bestimmten Festplatte bootet?

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Everything you need to know about UC Browser - an astonishing browser on Android!

According to experts, currently, UC Browser is one of the best and most popular browsers on Android. This program is used daily by more than 400 million users. 

The UC Browser application works fine on mobile devices from different manufacturers. This mobile browser was created by a Chinese company, which today occupies one of the first places on the market of programs for mobile devices. Let’s quickly go through our article, to understand why you should download UC Browser right now. For more awesome browsers, you can also check others at https://www.top1apk.com/apps/browser/

About the app

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UC Browser for Android devices is a quicker and faster way to ensure that you can get a better connection to the Internet. It is convenient to download videos and music from different services: Facebook, YouTube, and others. If you want to surf the Internet safely, then turn on Incognito mode.

The browser also provides users with a useful feature of the Turbo mode. As soon as connection drops, it connects automatically to secure your browsing experience. Also, it can be used continuously. In addition, it supports the use of mobile phone extensions, including the AdBlock. Here you can browse the Internet for free. The browser meets all the requirements of the modern user.

The main screen is a catalog of Internet resources. Icons of the most necessary, according to the developers, sites are located at the top of the screen. There is even a special category dedicated to Android programs.

The catalog looks nice, is conveniently structured and the selection of sites itself is not bad. Unfortunately, it is impossible to make changes in this catalog, which very sharply reduces its entire value. The only exception is the “Most visited sites” category, from which at least you can remove unnecessary information.

Much more interesting in this regard is the alternative main screen. You can switch to it by clicking on the "Home" button. It is also displayed when opening a new tab. Here the user is given complete freedom - you can either add your site to the list or delete existing ones. Moreover, when adding a new site, you do not have to enter its name and address manually - you can simply select it from the bookmarks or history.


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The UC browser keeps up with the current trend, as the design of the start screen is quite familiar: tiled icons and minimalism in design. Content for the main page is automatically selected according to user preferences, but additional links can be deleted and, of course, users can edit the order of their display.

The only drawback: at the top, there is a panel with popular sites - sponsors of a free browser, so they can not be removed or replaced. 

About the personalization of the web browser, it is worth mentioning the rich catalog of topics for almost every taste. Images presented in it are smartly categorized. In addition, the design can be set independently by selecting a photo from the gallery on the gadget and setting up the page background color settings.

On the left, you will see an icon in the form of a star. It not only allows you to add a site to your bookmarks but also to place it on the main browser screen or to bring its shortcut to the phone’s desktop. On the right, there is an additional menu. It contains four features:

Share - a standard function for Android, with which you can share a link to the current web site.

Fast mode - enable or disable "Fast Mode," to save your traffic. 

A QR code. Why it is needed in the browser is not clear. Moreover, even recognizing the link, it does not allow to open it “in one click.” You can only copy it, and then manually paste it into the address bar.

Clipboard - this is a much more interesting thing. From here you can manage the contents of the clipboard, which in some cases can really come in handy. The clipboard screen consists of two tabs. The first contribution contains all previously copied texts. If you want, they can be edited, deleted or moved to the second tab - "Phrases." In fact, the tab “Phrases” is an analog of “Templates” in SMS messages. Theoretically, it can be used as a kind of notebook, but in practice, it will not be very convenient. Let's get down to the features of this awesome browser where you can get at apk store. Get more information about it by checking Top apk downloads

Features UC Browser on Android:

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saves 90% of traffic due to compression;

uses add-ons to expand the program;

loads in several streams;

manage files through the built-in file manager;

night mode to protect your eyes in the dark;

works as a download manager;

has a screen adaptation mode;

has powerful search engines;

convenient history and bookmarks;

has fast and stable work with video;

synchronization between PCs;

has a stable internet connection;

blocks ads;

you can create your own browser style;

lets you open many windows, and switch between them with convenience.

The final verdict

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The browser turned out to be quite interesting, but not without controversial issues. This is not fully thought out bookmark synchronization system and the inability to edit the list of sites on the main screen. We hope that in future versions these flaws will be fixed. In addition, the distribution of functions in different menus was not very logical. First of all, we are talking about the top menu, in which the QR code scanner completely unneeded in the browser and the rarely used clipboard control.

But, despite some rough edges, UC Browser can be safely recommended for comfortable web surfing. Its main plus is a large number of useful features. This is primarily text auto-fitting with scaling, flash support, screen mode, and traffic saving mode. There is also some other pleasant moments: the night mode, support for themes, support for resuming when the connection is broken, and much more.

We hope that you find our article useful and exciting. If you liked UC browser, then do not hesitate to download Uc Browser Android at top1apk.com right now and download it. Enjoy!
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...beim M4600 komme ich mit F2 sofort nach dem Einschalten ins BIOS und im linken frame steht unter dem ersten Punkt "General" die "Boot Sequence" in der ich die Laufwerke auswählen und rechts ihre Reihenfolge einstellen kann.
Dazu muss allerdings das neue Laufwerk erkannt worden sein, indem ich unter "System Configuration" - "Drives" den passenden Anschluss aktiviere.

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